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Northwest Territories NS

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Postal Codes

B3Z 0C1 B3Z 0G8 B3Z 0H6 B3Z 0H7 B3Z 0H8 B3Z 0J5 B3Z 0J6 B3Z 0J7 B3Z 0K7 B3Z 0M5 B3Z 1H7 B3Z 1H8 B3Z 1H9 B3Z 1J1 B3Z 1J2 B3Z 1J3 B3Z 1J4 B3Z 1J5 B3Z 1J6 B3Z 1J7 B3Z 1J8 B3Z 1J9 B3Z 1K1 B3Z 1K2 B3Z 1K3 B3Z 1K4 B3Z 1K5 B3Z 1K6 B3Z 1K7 B3Z 1K8 B3Z 1K9 B3Z 1M6 B3Z 1N7 B3Z 1N8 B3Z 1P2 B3Z 3Y3 B3Z 4M1 B3Z 4M3 B3Z 4N7 B3Z 4P3 B4B 0A1 B4B 0A2 B4B 0A3 B4B 0A4 B4B 0A5 B4B 0A6 B4B 0A7 B4B 0A8 B4B 0A9 B4B 0B1 B4B 0B2 B4B 0B3 B4B 0B4 B4B 0B5 B4B 0B6 B4B 0B7 B4B 0B8 B4B 0B9 B4B 0C1 B4B 0C3 B4B 0C4 B4B 0C5 B4B 0C6 B4B 0C7 B4B 0C8 B4B 0C9 B4B 0E1 B4B 0E2 B4B 0E3 B4B 0E4 B4B 0E5 B4B 0E6 B4B 0E7 B4B 0E8 B4B 0E9 B4B 0G1 B4B 0G2 B4B 0G3 B4B 0G6 B4B 0G8 B4B 0G9 B4B 0H3 B4B 0H4 B4B 0H9 B4B 0J1 B4B 1B3 B4B 1B4 B4B 1E4 B4B 1E5 B4B 1E6 B4B 1E7 B4B 1E8 B4B 1E9 B4B 1G1 B4B 1G2 B4B 1G3 B4B 1G4 B4B 1G6 B4B 1J2 B4B 1J8 B4B 1J9 B4B 1K1 B4B 1K2 B4B 1K3 B4B 1K4 B4B 1K6 B4B 1K7 B4B 1L1 B4B 1L2 B4B 1L3 B4B 1L4 B4B 1L8 B4B 1L9 B4B 1M1 B4B 1M2 B4B 1M3 B4B 1M4 B4B 1M5 B4B 1M6 B4B 1M7 B4B 1M8 B4B 1M9 B4B 1N1 B4B 1N2 B4B 1N3 B4B 1N4 B4B 1N5 B4B 1N6 B4B 1N7 B4B 1P3 B4B 1P4 B4B 1P5 B4B 1P6 B4B 1P7 B4B 1P8 B4B 1P9 B4B 1R1 B4B 1R2 B4B 1R3 B4B 1R4 B4B 1R5 B4B 1R6 B4B 1S3 B4B 1S4 B4B 1S5 B4B 1S6 B4B 1S7 B4B 1S9 B4B 1T1 B4B 1T2 B4B 1T3 B4B 1T4 B4B 1T5 B4B 1T6 B4B 1T7 B4B 1T8 B4B 1V2 B4B 1V3 B4B 1V4 B4B 1V5 B4B 1V6 B4B 1V7 B4B 1V8 B4B 1V9 B4B 1W1 B4B 1W2 B4B 1W3 B4B 1W4 B4B 1W5 B4B 1W6 B4B 1W7 B4B 1W8 B4B 1W9 B4B 1X1 B4B 1X2 B4B 1X3 B4B 1X4 B4B 1X5 B4B 1X6 B4B 1X7 B4B 1X9 B4B 1Y4 B4B 1Y5 B4B 1Y6 B4B 1Y7 B4B 1Y8 B4B 1Y9 B4B 1Z1 B4B 1Z2 B4B 1Z3 B4B 1Z4 B4B 1Z5 B4B 1Z6 B4B 1Z7 B4B 2A1 B4B 2A2 B4B 2A3 B4B 2A4 B4B 2A5 B4B 2A6 B4B 2A7 B4B 2A8 B4B 2A9 B4B 2B1 B4B 2B2 B4B 2B3 B4B 2B4 B4B 2B5 B4B 2B6 B4B 2B7 B4B 2B8 B4B 2B9 B4B 2C1 B4B 2C2 B4B 2C3 B4B 2C4 B4B 2E1

The center of Northwest Territories is at -63.7817451656222 Longitude and 44.7304741924424 Latitude